What is ShareASale and How Does It work?

What is ShareASale?


ShareASale was established in 2000. It is an admired service for marketers all the way through which they can start on their affiliate program from its products or services. Today, It is the most excellent place for bloggers & Affiliate marketers looking for new Affiliate program.

How ShareASale Works


Merchants mean business owners. Merchants, set up its affiliate program, join its affiliates program and boost the sales of ShareASale’s product and in reward, their business earns a preset commission.

Affiliate Marketers


People like me and you who join ShareASale’s affiliate program and sponsor it with blog, PPC and further methods, are known as Affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Software: Affiliate programs such as ShareASale, ClickBank, CJ and hosted on affiliate programs are called as Affiliate Software. ShareASale is also an affiliate software.

Affiliate Marketplace

A marketplace is a display place where the affiliate come across new opportunities and joins an affiliate program. Affiliate Marketplace is a market of products.

How To use ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace

  1. Earlier than knowing how to make use of the ShareASale affiliate marketplace, you have to create a free account on ShareASale.

To create a free account on ShareASale, click the link given.

2. When you open the above link, a fundamental form will appear in front of you. In that form, you have to write a bit basic. Write down all the data appropriately and click on “Move On To Step 2”.

3. When you click on move to step 2, one more page will open in front of you. In the second page, you have to inscribe your blog / website. After writing the data about the blog / website, click on the option “Move on to step 3”.

4. This is the last step, you will have to enter your private details like Name, Address & Payment details. You can change the payment system in ShareASale later.

5. Once you fill all of these forms and click on the next step, then you will be asked to organize the payment setting there. You can skip that.

6.Once all the steps are completed, after that you should wait for 1-2 days for the approval of your application. Once your application is accepted, after that you can make a good amount of money by promoting the product of ShareASale all the way through your blog / website. To promote you will find different types of products in ShareASale’s affiliate marketplace.

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