What is Google Adwords and How Does It Work?

What is Google Adwords-?

Google Ads was before recognized as Google Adwords but in 2018 Google distorted the name of Google Adwords to Google Ads and now it is recognized as Google Ads.

As we know, the major basis of Google’s income is Google Ads. In 2010, Google earned 28 Billion Dollars from Google Ads, after which its profits are rising continuously.

Google Adwords

Advertising services like PPC (Per Click Cost), CPM (Click Per Thousand), Text, Banner, Videos Ads, etc. have been supplied on Google Ads. You can promote your services and products on Google Ads very easily according to your funds. You can display ads (ads) in YouTube videos, on your website, blogs and search engine of the citizens, anywhere you can show them.

You can simply say that Google Ads creates different types of advertisements. Google does advertisements on its website like Blogger, YouTube and also on other people’s self-hosted websites and blogs. It does not acquire anyone’s assist to show ads in Google Search Engine because Google Search Engine is advertising on Google Search Engine with the help of Google’s team and software, so all the money shown on Google Search Engine is paid to Google.

People who advertise on Google Adwords wish to show ads on Websites and Blogs in addition to Search Engine, for this, ads of Google logo are also seen on Websites and Blogs, for which the landlord of Websites and Blogs pays the wealth of advertisement. The most excellent thing is that Google not at all cheat its customers. For that, Google has prepared very good terms and conditions.

You can also earn money from home by working with Google, for this you ought to have a website, blog or YouTube channel where you will promote the logo of Google. If you have a blog or website, then you too can earn cash by advertising on your blog or website. For this, you have to attach your website with Google Adsense. After that Google takes ads from Google Ads and gives it to Adsense, which will be publicized on your website and you will get its wealth.


How Does Google Adsense work?

Google Ads grant all ads to Adsense to show ads on the blog and website of the logo and then the owner of websites and blogs who has approved Adsense account can take away the ads from their Adsense account and put it on the website and Blogs.

Adsense ads are able to be seen by all the people who visit Adsense ads on blogs or websites, and those who go to their websites and blogs.

In this way, Google keeps 30-40% of the money received from advertising and 60-70% of the rest is given through the Adsense account to the owner of the website and blog. If you want to earn money by placing advertisements on Website Blog, then you first need a website or blog, after that, you have to make an Adsense Account. If you want to reach your business or services to the utmost people by advertising on Google Ads, then for that you have to make use of a Google Ads Account.

1. How To Create a Google Adwords Account?

Step1. You have to look for “Google Ads” in Google search engine. Where you have to click on the first Google Ads link in search of Google Ads.

Google Adwords

Step2. Now on the next page, you have to enter the email address from which you have to create an account and click on the Get Offer Code.

Steps 3 – Now on the next page you will find ‘Thanks For Submitting Your Details’ written below that you have to click on Start advertising.

Google Adwords

Step4. Now you have to choose whether your account is individual or you are creating this account for business.

Step5. Now you have to enter the address (URL) of your website or YouTube channel or any business you want to advertise and click on Continue.

Step6. Now you have to sign in with your Google Account.

After signing in with Google Account, your Google Ads account will be created and a Promotional Code of Rs 2000 will also be applied successfully in your account.

How to Advertise By Creating a Campaign On Google Ads?

Once you make an account on Google Ad Words, after that you can run ads by creating an operation on your Ad Words account. It is trouble-free by following all the steps provided below, you will be able to advertise with Ad Words without difficulty.

Create a Campaign

Initially, you have to log in to Google Ads with your Google Account’s Username and Password. At the top of the Google Ads home page, you will find the option of Campaigns, you have to click on them. After that you will find the option of Campaign below on the new page, you have to click on it, where you will get some options like Search Network With Display Select, Search Network Only, Display Select Only, Shopping, Video, and Universal App Campaign. Read carefully because this option will determine where your ad will be displayed.

2. How to Create ad Groups

The initial step takes a slight time but the residual three steps are very small and simple, in this step you have to create an Ad Group.

Firstly, you have to enter the URL of your blog, website business or services. As soon as you enter the URL, keywords connected to your ad will appear in your suggestions, you can choose keywords suitable to you. After that, you have to give the name of the group ads in which you can give anything you wish for.

3. Create Ads

In this step, you have to tell the advertisement logo how it looks and create your future advertisement. For this, you have to re-enter the URL of your advertisement, write the caption which is visible to the people and write a little explanation.

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