How to make money from Youtube Chanel?

What Does YouTube Pay

Today we will talk about How to make money from YouTube, frequently you have seen a lot of videos on YouTube telling people that YouTube gives so much money for numerous views or gives so much money for so many views.

There is utterly no truth in this topic. YouTube Views does not pay any money. Even if there are thousands of millions of views on your videos. YouTube won’t provide you a sole penny.

A lot of people also consider that YouTube pays the channel to subscribe. The cause for this is that over and over again people ask to subscribe to their channel.

Every time you watch a video on YouTube, frequently you have seen some ads earlier than the video, in the center of the video or underneath the video. When any person clicks on these ads, we get a small amount of money.

If YouTube gives cash then only click on Ad You will not get money until someone clicks on the ad coming in your video. If anyone does not click on your ad but sees that ad approximately completely, then it is still considered a click and you get the money.

How to make money from Youtube

How To Earn On YouTube

Now you have to understand what Youtube pays. Youtube only pays to click on Ad Not to watch the video or subscribe to the channel. Now let’s converse about how much Youtube pays. There is no perfect answer to this question. It depends on the subject and location of your video.

If the topic of your video is customer-friendly then you obtain more money for a click and if the subject of your video is not user friendly then you get a smaller amount of money.

Apart from this, if your video is seen in urbanized countries such as USA, UK, Canada, then you get additional money for a click. As an alternative, if your video is seen in countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, you get very slight money for a click.

Yet, I can say on the base of my experience that if your channel is on any topic and seen in countries like India, Pakistan, then you will get at least one dollar i.e. about 70 INR if you have 100 Clicks.

What Is Needed To Earn Money On YouTube

Gmail Account

You have got to have a Gmail account to earn cash from YouTube. We suppose you to have a Gmail account.

Computer or Mobile

You must have a PC. If you have a PC or laptop, then you will be able to do all the jobs very rapidly and without difficulty. If you do not have a PC or laptop, then there is no need to soar. You can also run your work on a mobile phone.


At the present time, everybody has Internet Connection. We expect you have too. Keep in mind that Internet Connection speed should be of good quality.

How To Connect YouTube Channel To Adsense

To make wealth from YouTube you have to join your channel with Adsense. Only after connecting your channel with Adsense, you can be paid from YouTube. Now you must be questioning what is this Adsense.

Adsense is a creation of Google which acts as a suspension bridge between you and the advertiser. All advertisers are there, they give all their ad in a straight line to this company named Adsense. This company puts Ads in your video.

How To Connect Your YouTube Channel To Adsense

To tie your channel to Adsense, you have to complete some of the following conditions of Adsense.

  1. Your channel is supposed to have 4000 hours of Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers in last 1 year. 4000 hours of Watch Time means that your channel’s videos have been viewed by people for at least 4000 hours in the last 1 year.
  2. There must be no copyright bits and pieces in your channel. Meaning your videos must be made by you, not by anybody else.

Keep These Things In Mind While Making A Video


This is the most significant part of any video. The more influential your content is, the earlier you become on YouTube. If you do not recognize the topic mentioned in your video well then why would anybody watch your video? So whilst making video, keep the most concentration on your content. Get the information about the topic on which you want to create a video.


The voice that should be in your video must be very understandable. What you are speaking in the video, people should listen to it evidently. The resonance should not be extremely slow and there should be no blare in the video. Make videos for all time in time alone. You can also use any software to clear the voice in the video.

Keep These Things In Mind When Uploading Videos.


It is said that the 1st  impression is the last impression. Whether anyone will watch your video or not depends a lot on the Thumbnail of your video. The more eye-catching and interesting your video’s Thumbnail, the more clicks will be on your video. So next to with making Video first-class, you have to pay notice to Video’s Thumbnail.


You also have to maintain the title of your video very cautiously. If you will keep an uncomplicated title for your video, hardly any people will desire to watch your video. If you keep a funny title aside for your video, then people will be enforced to watch your video.


Some people miss the description of the video, you do not have to do this. You have to give facts about your video in the description that I have told regarding this thing in my video. Apart from this, you can also give links of your old videos or your social links in the description so that people can join you.


Tag means that the public can search your video by writing what in Google. We can recognize this very simply by an example. Assume you made a video and gave its title as Benefits of lemon. Now when anyone searches in Google, ‘benefits of lemon’, then your video might come in the list of results.

Now you wish that if someone searches in Google, ‘benefits from lemon’ or ‘properties of lemon’, then your video will come. For this, after you have uploaded the video, you must to go to the section with the tag and write ‘benefits of lemon’ & ‘properties of lemon’.

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