How to Make an Online Portfolio on WordPress

Why Should You Make an Online Portfolio?

We will converse today on the subject of “How to Make an Online Portfolio on WordPress?” When presented well, your work’s superiority will away from doubt shine which will make a good impression on your site’s guests, and they’ll turn out to be your ambassadors.

There are numerous reasons to create an online portfolio. We’re listing a few below so that you’ll recognize the primary profit of having your own portfolio page:

If you have a business website, you most probably share the services you present. You should also exhibit your portfolio to show your probable customers your previous comings and goings. A portfolio is visual proof you can carry out the services you’re offering.
When somebody asks you about your portfolio, you won’t necessitate to send it to them by mail or fax. You can merely share the link to your portfolio page.
An online portfolio page improves your website’s search engine rankings.

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Your online portfolio will not only lend a hand to get you more business but also connects you with a like-minded community who’re looking to enlarge their businesses in the same direction. On the other hand, you’ll need to make certain your portfolio looks expert and attractive to gather these benefits.

What Does a Good Online Portfolio Look Like?

Portfolios can be different for every business or niche. For example, a website growth agency would likely exhibit the websites they made; while a real estate business would demonstrate their building projects.

The use of visual content in an attractive way can have more collision than simple, flat text. You can build an eye-catching portfolio by displaying your best work initial.

Portfolio example

With the WordPress website, you can use a picture gallery or picture slider to present your portfolio. If you use a picture gallery plug-in, you can also add text associated with the images to explain your work. The more fit to be seen a portfolio you make, the more you’ll connect with your users.

Building an Online Portfolio with WordPress

Now that you know why do you need an online portfolio, and what makes your portfolio look good, it’s time we walk you through each step of creating an online portfolio from scratch.

Step 1: Choosing a Domain Name and Web Hosting

If you are just starting out fresh, the 1st thing you will require is a domain name & web hosting. You can purchase a domain from some of the peak domain name registrars in the market. An uncomplicated domain name characteristically expenses $11/yr.

Next, you’ll find many web hosting companies with different offers.

We advise using Bluehost. It is the majority admired web hosting provider and an officially suggested WordPress hosting partner.

Meant for our users, they are contributing a free of charge domain name and a huge discount on web hosting. It’ll save you a ton of wealth right off the bat while creating your online portfolio.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

WordPress is the world’s mainly admired website builder, thanks to its grand suppleness and features. It enables you to put up an online portfolio precisely how you desire to.

After purchasing a domain name and web hosting, you’ll need to install WordPress. If you are using Bluehost, subsequently you can make use of their 1-click installer to set up WordPress on your hosting account.

Once it is installed, you can go further on and create a website with WordPress.

After that, you can take a glance at the top WordPress themes and plug-in to craft and modify your site. It’s very simple and doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Step 3: Using WordPress Portfolio Themes

WordPress has a bulky gathering of free and premium portfolio themes. You can discover free themes on website. Just search for the ‘portfolio’ word and it will exhibit all the themes that can be used to create an online portfolio.

Portfolio theme

How to Make an Online Portfolio on WordPress

You can insert the portfolio stuff from your WordPress admin backend. The theme allows you to adjoin filters in the portfolio and systematize your work to craft browsing easy for your guests. You can furthermore select the number of columns to show the images.

There are countless other helpful features in the theme like resizing images, portfolio navigation, sidebar widgets, etc. You can create a powerful online portfolio to obtain interest from your likely regulars.

You can utilize pretty much any WordPress portfolio theme to build your portfolio. The options and settings will be dissimilar for each theme, but you will still be able to get the beloved result.

Step 4: Using WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Whilst WordPress portfolio themes are exclusively alert on creating an online portfolio website, you can also utilize a versatile theme and then make use of plugins to put in your portfolio into your web page. Basically try out our guide on how to add a portfolio to your WordPress site.

Portfolio plugins

How to Make an Online Portfolio on WordPress

If you wish to add premium features to your portfolio, then you can as well find paid WordPress plugins online. Each and every one of these plugins will have diverse features and options. You will require to do a slight study and prefer the ideal portfolio plugin to match your necessities.

What to Do After Making an Online Portfolio
When your online portfolio is ready, you shouldn’t stop there.

You’ll need to promote it, so more people can see your work. There are numerous ways to do that, as well as email marketing, sharing on social media, and receiving a word-of-mouth shoutout from the crown influencers in your niche. You can also set up a blog and share your understanding in an appealing, professional way.

You’ll also need to optimize your portfolio website or pages for the search engines. It’ll help you get more organic traffic. SEO will escort the accurate populace to your portfolio who were vigorously searching for a comparable type of work. Check out our entire guide on the best SEO tools to develop your website traffic.

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