WordPress-How to Install multiple plugins in wordpress?

WordPress does something alike, so creating a website on WordPress is very simple. WordPress was launched by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in May 27, 2003, the majority of websites in the world are made with its help.

WordPress is a content management system (cms) that is built with the assist of MySQL & PHP. And to download it, a web server is requisite which we name internet hosting service or network host like Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostinger, SiteGround etc. All these companies supply us web hosting with the help of which we can install WordPress. .

If you say in straightforward words, then the content management system i.e. how to put your content on the website and how to keep the color like the text be supposed to be, what must be in the header and footer, how ought to the well-liked and fresh post look like this. Can manage on your own

How to install WordPress plugins?

  • You will absolutely have some 10-20 plugins that you would like to make use of on each of your WordPress websites, in such a way it can be an extended process by searching, downloading, installing and then activating each plugin. In such circumstances, to make your work easier, we determined to write this article today.
  • I am going to exhibit such a trick with you in this article, so that you can install numerous plugins at once and save your valuable time by using the links of their WordPress Repository.
  •  To install manifold plugins at the same time, you will need an extra plugin. The given name of this plugin is: Bulk Install Profiles
  • You can install and make active this plugin by downloading it from the link given above, uploading it to your WordPress site or blog.
  • After installing and activating this plugin, after that, go to Plugins> Bulk Install Profiles.

What does profiles mean?

Profiles at this time mean a Group of plugins that you would like to install. In this, you have to first raise the plugin link of the official repository of WordPress, which will be something like this:

     You have to take away hyphens from this plugin-name-example.
     That’s is, to remain the plugin name example and paste it into the text area. Every fresh plugin has to insert this name to a new line.


You can create a list according to the names of the URLs of your preferred plugins and after that save it as a new profile. All you have to do is type the names of all the plugins in the list, click on the button of Save Profile. To install the plugins at the same time, either select your by now existing profile or put in the URLs based names of all the plugins and after that just simply click on the key of Download plugins and save the profile.

This way you will be able to install manifold WordPress plugins simultaneously.

This plugin is a very featureful plugin, which contains many more magnificent things. like as

Creating an online account and saving profiles

You can create profiles of plugins according to yourself & save them in the account created by visiting their website. Then once more by visiting any website, you can install all the plugins of any online saved profile using this plugin.

Exporting Profiles

You can make the profile of all the plugins of your site jointly with Export option.

Importing Profiles on other websites

You can even import the exported file by going to another website, uploading it in this plugin.

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